Flame Retardant Hijabs

With the rigours of modern school life, it’s important that the girls at school are protected from danger with the right materials. A standard Hijaab may prove to be a fire hazard, either in chemistry class, while leaning over a Bunsen burner, or in wood and metalwork classes, while operating spark-producing, hot machinery. Our flame-retardant Hijaabs allow students to focus more on learning, and be comforted in the knowledge that they are safe from harm. They can also be fully customised.

Hijaabs for schools and businesses should be safe for everyone.

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We can make any hijaab of your choice, in any fabric and any colour.

Please get in touch through the contact form on our Contact page for more information about our flame-retardant Hijaabs, a sample of our materials, or to place your order.

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