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We started all the way back in 2004, providing a simple but effective solution to the uniform needs of schools with a large quantity of students. Now, we know people want more customised Hijaabs for school. Whether it’s flame-retardant Hijaabs for in the lab, warm and cosy ones for winter or breezy ones for summer that still provide excellent coverage, we provide a huge variety of different styles, materials and trims, so your Hijaab can match perfectly, as part of your Islamic school uniform.

All our Hijaabs can be customised with embroidered logo designs and a custom trim.

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Current Products

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Flame Retardant Hijaabs

Our flame-retardant Hijaabs allow students to focus more on learning, and be comforted in the knowledge that they are safe from harm. They can also be fully customised.









We can produce any Hijaab of your choice in any fabric and any colour.

Visit our Contact page and fill out our form to find out more information about these upcoming products and how they can contribute to the best-looking and most functional Islamic school uniform available. Get in touch today by calling 01274 736629 or sending us an email at to find out more about the products we’re about to launch.

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 No pins required to hold it in place.


 No frills on edges.

 Suitable for girls in primary & secondary schools.

 Nice compact



Business Ready...

They’re not just for schools, however! Get Head Smart sells Hijaabs in bulk, directly to schools, hospitals, charity events, local authorities, promotional events and large private organisations. We also try to accommodate smaller individual orders, whenever we can. Our Hijaab fabrics have been specially selected with the rigours of everyday life in mind, so they are very hardwearing and durable.

Why not let us create a unique Hijaab as part of your Islamic school uniform or business attire - in any size, any colour and any design?

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