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Customised Hijaabs For Schools

Get Head Smart is a Bradford-based Hijaab specialist, producing custom Hijaabs for Muslim women and girls all up and down the UK. We started in 2004 as we found that nobody in the country was providing Hijaabs for school girls. The Hijaabs we saw in the playground were frilly, covered in sequins and completely mismatched with the uniform the girls were wearing. A change had to be made, so we started producing customised Hijaabs for schools and businesses. Now, we’ve branched out and extended our product range providing customised Hijaabs for schools, available with school logos, if desired, all matching uniforms nationwide.

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We were inspired by our vision to see girls committed to Hijaab, while still fitting in with the uniform standards of their local school.

Our research revealed that, although the market was saturated with Hijaabs from all over the world, they were too fancy and too big to be worn, especially at school. We also looked at the health and safety aspect of wearing such head scarves. Leaning over a Bunsen burner or zipping through the corridors to their next lesson, the girls were asking for trouble. No suitable ready-made Hijaab was found, so we saw a duty to put that right. The team looked into the possibility of making customised Hijaabs for schools of our own and the results were exactly what people were looking for.

How to Wear a Hijaab 




What We Do

Get Head Smart aims to provide hard wearing, good quality and easy to manage Hijaabs, which are also comfortable and easy to wear throughout the day. All our customised Hijaabs for schools are available at affordable prices so, if you’d like to put in an order, head to our Contact page and tell us what you need.

We are now taking orders for our Hijaabs, which can be made in a fabric of your choice. Our staple collection includes our Rayon/acrylic, Jersey, Chiffon, Crystal Hemp and Cotton Hijaabs, which are non-slip and require no pins to hold it in place, which is perfect for the rigours of primary and secondary school girl life.

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 No pins required to hold it in place.


 No frills on edges.

 Suitable for girls in primary & secondary schools.

 Nice compact




Why Choose Us?


 Family Business

We started in 2004, inspired by the observance of one of our family members that there were no suitable Hijaabs available for girls at school.

Muslims ourselves, we’re tuned into the needs of the Islamic community throughout the country.


All of our Hijaabs are completely customisable. Whether you’re looking for your school logo, an embroidered name or a particular colour, we can provide it, leaving girls and women looking smart and modest while at school and in a work environment.


 Quality Materials

While other companies offer school Hijaabs as a part of their uniform range, we found that they were largely made of flimsy, weak fabric and of overall poor quality. Get Head Smart use only the highest quality fabrics and threads, as well as the latest sewing machinery. They’re great value for money too, so they’re affordable for everyone.


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